The key objectives of setting up the the conservancy were:

(a) to conserve the biological resources and the socio-cultural heritage of the conservancy area;
(b) to promote tourism through partnering with investors and;
(c) to contribute to wealth creation for landowners.


The economic objectives revolve around the creation of employment possibilities for the local communities. It is necessary to ensure the broad-based distribution of economic benefits amongst all stakeholders. This will be achieved through the development of sustainable livelihoods and steady employment for the local community, ensuring minimal underemployment and unemployment. In creating employment, it is important to encourage the use of local knowledge, skills and traditions, and to offer a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction to the people of Mara Naboisho.


The key economic objective of providing steady and sustainable employment leads to the possibility of creating an improved standard of living for the community as a whole. However, it is important to protect the sensitive and indigenous cultures of the local people against any adverse impact. This means ensuring that tourism activities and behaviours respect the cultural heritage in Mara Naboisho.


The overall objective is to contribute towards the social development of the community, through community empowerment and wealth creation. The obvious approach in achieving this goal is through the creation of employment opportunities for the local community. In addition to this, there are supporting actions which will educate and empower the community. These include water conservation programs that support access to clean water, access to renewable energy, education programs, and the promotion of female empowerment.


The Mara Naboisho Conservancy provides a significant wildlife migratory corridor for the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem, supporting both the north and south wildebeest migrations. Through sustainable tourism, there is the opportunity to protect the wildlife and its natural terrain whilst providing a high-quality game viewing experience for visitors to the conservancy. There are a number of objectives and actions towards the benefit of the wildlife and the landscape of the conservancy. These include:

  • Increasing diversity and abundance of wildlife.
  • Promoting wildlife-friendly land-use practices.
  • Monitoring of wildlife populations and movements.
  • Eradicating poaching and the illegal possession of wildlife products.
  • Strengthening wildlife conservation programs within the conservancy.